Following a landmark ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court, a ban on funding firms linked to the abortion industry from receiving state funds to provide sex education programs was determined. 

In 2019, the state of Iowa had already implemented a law prohibiting abortion provider firms such as Planned Parenthood from providing sex education programs funded by state grants.

After an intense legal fight waged by the abortion multinational seeking to strike down the legislation, they succeeded in getting the lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court. Previously the legislation was stayed pending resolution of the legal situation. Last week, after a 6-1 vote, the Court ruled against Planned Parenthood and upheld the validity of the law.

Wednesday’s ruling focused on the existence of two state-funded programs, the community-based teen pregnancy prevention program, known as CAPP, and the personal responsibility education program. Both are sex education programs aimed at reducing unintended pregnancy among teens. 

Neither of the current programs include abortion as a possible mechanism to prevent pregnancies, assuming that if abortion is reached it is because the pregnancy has already been confirmed. Therefore, efforts are focused on actually avoiding the situation of unwanted pregnancy.

In this regard, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that the state can reasonably argue that if Planned Parenthood provides education to school children it could do so with intentions of conveying an ideology around supporting abortion and not on the premise of actually educating in terms of prevention. 

“Even if the programs do not include any discussions about abortion, the goals of promoting abstinence and reducing teenage pregnancy could arguably still be undermined when taught by the entity that performs nearly all abortions in Iowa,” the justices wrote in the opinion. They added:

“The state could also be concerned that using abortion providers to deliver sex education programs to teenage students would create relationships between the abortion provider and the students the state does not wish to foster in light of its policy preference for childbirth over abortion.”

According to the court ruling, Planned Parenthood received at least $265,000 in state grants to provide sex education in 2019 and about $182,000 in 2020, The Gazette reported last year. 

The new pro-life ruling comes amid a series of legal cases pitting Planned Parenthood and its supporters against Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, and other abortion opponents leading Iowa’s state government.

Those pitted against the abortion multinational recurrently point out that Planned Parenthood performs about 40 percent of all abortions in the United States and about 95 percent in Iowa. 

This should be enough to determine the existence of a real conflict of interest in the fact that Planned Parenthood is involved in the education and transmission of values related to pregnancy and abortion, in programs aimed at young people and financed with taxpayer funds.

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