On Nov. 10, Félix Antonio Juárez-Antúnez, an illegal alien in the United States, hit the vehicle driven by an older woman accompanied by three teenagers. The fatal accident occurred in North Carolina and as a result the driver and one of the youths died, the other two were seriously injured and treated at WakeMed Hospital.

Juarez-Antunez was charged with felony death by motor vehicle and felony serious injury by vehicle, ABC 11 reported.

The U.S. Department of Justice also announced Thursday that the 35-year-old accused is also facing charges for having illegally re-entered the country after being deported twice.

The incident occurred Sunday night in Smithfield.

The impact was so severe that Marjory Howell Wagner, 65, and  Ethan Handley, 15, were killed instantly.

Police records found that the immigrant was intoxicated, did not have a driver’s license, and was driving over the speed limit.

Smithfield police confirmed that Juarez-Antunez, a Smithfield resident, is under an mmigration and Customs Enforcement detention.

Department of Justice, added that the man had already been deported from the United States twice.

Hailey and Stephen Wagner, the survivors of the accident, are Marjory’s grandchildren and Ethan’s friends. They were taken to WakeMed hospital.

Hailey had deep neck and spinal injuries and chemical burns from gasoline. Stephen suffered a fracture in the spine between the shoulder blades, he has hematomas on his chest and respiratory problems.

“He didn’t know he was going to hit us. We didn’t know we were going to get hit. But at the same time, he knew he was driving drunk. He knew that nothing good comes  out of driving drunk. There’s nothing good that comes out of drinking itself,” Stephen said.

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