Data extracted from Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop revealed another Secret Service action for the President’s son. 

Hunter’s laptop’s content that includes 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, and more than 2,000 photos, has been acquired by the DailyMail. It reviewed that the Secret Service was employed as Hunter’s guard during his week-long Hollywood drug and prostitute trip in 2018. 

According to the outlet, during the spring of 2018, the President’s son spent his time at a Hollywood hotel with prostitutes and drugs over several weeks. The text messages hinted that Secret Service agents were present, working as Hunter’s guard. 

The screenshots provided by the outlet saw an exchange between Hunter and an apparent Secret Service agent who referred to him as (H). The agent urged his client’s presence under the DC’s pressure, or he would enter Hunter’s room for protection.

The agent: “H — I’m in lobby come down. Thanks.”

Hunter: “5 minutes.”

The agent: “Come on H this is linked to Celtic’s account. DC is calling me every 10. Let me up or come down. I can’t help if you don’t let me H.”

Hunter: “I promise be right down. Sorry.” 

The agent: “Dales here. He a going to front desk call and tell them to give us a key now H. As your friend we need to resolve this in the immediate. Call the front desk now H or I will have to assume you are in danger and we will have to make them give us keys.” 

Hunter: “Really — I am coming down right now. I really promise. Was in bathroom buddy. Coming right this second.”

The agent: “We’re at your door. Open it.”

According to Western Journal, Celtic is well-known for indicating senior politicians’ Secret Service’s protection program.

The outlet pointed out that supposedly when Donald Trump was President, there should have been no relationship between Biden’s family and Secret Service. Yet, one agent from the agency was still in service with Hunter during 2018. 

This is the second exposure of Biden’s family involvement with the Secret Service agents. 

In late March, Politico found that Secret Service agents were involved in the lost gun incident. They requested paperwork for the gun at the shop where Hunter Biden purchased the weapon, but it was refused, as the store owner suspected they wanted to erase the younger Biden’s proof of ownership.

Hallie Biden, the wife of Hunter Biden’s deceased brother, who was in a complicated love affair with Hunter, threw out his gun in October 2018, allegedly claiming she could not trust him with the weapon. 

Secret Service denied its knowledge of the incident at first, but retrieved data from Hunter’s abandoned laptop denounced the claims and showed that the agency was trying to cover up their traces in the case. 


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