The foundation of the late David Packard, co-founder of tech giant Hewlett-Packard, has donated some $350 million over the past five years to promote abortions under directives to fight for “population control.” 

David Packard, a billionaire with Republican roots who was involved in politics with former President Richard Nixon, is reported to have expressed concern before his death in 1996 about “skyrocketing birth rates,” which he said could cause real chaos for humanity.

Before his death, he gave clear directives to his three daughters on this issue. One of them became responsible for his foundation, which took on a highly progressive bent by placing the desire to curb world population growth as its starting point, reported the Washington Free Beacon.

According to a review of its financial statements, the foundation devoted nearly $350 million to this cause over the past five years alone. 

These investments have enabled Packard’s successors to achieve significant victories in furthering the late billionaire’s anti-birth agenda. 

According to Beacon research, much of that spending has gone to expand access to the abortion drug mifepristone.

Over the past year, the Packard Foundation played a central role in the fight to deregulate these abortion pills, funneling millions to liberal advocacy groups that spearheaded the legal and political push to remove barriers to the pills by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Mifepristone is used to abort unborn babies up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. It blocks the hormone progesterone and essentially starves the baby to death. 

For decades, the FDA required abortionists to provide the drug in person after a medical exam because of its high risks. In December 2021, however, the Biden administration eliminated the requirement and began allowing the drug to be sold by mail order and without a doctor’s prescription.

The foundation gave millions of dollars to pro-abortion groups that lobbied Congress for the federal government to end safety regulations making them direct accomplices in the killing of millions of unborn babies.

According to the report, the company GenBioPro, which recently developed a generic form of the abortion drug, was a major beneficiary of the foundation’s contributions.

Abortion promotion and population control have been goals of the Packard Foundation for decades. In 1996, it provided a $14 million loan to Danco Laboratories to help it gain approval and begin selling the abortion drug mifepristone in the United States.

On the foundation’s website, one can find many notes related to his successful involvement in achievements by pro-abortion organizations and numerous accounts of their supposed “benefits” to the public.

Packard joined an extensive list of billionaires, among them Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffet, who decided to invest part of their fortunes in the questionable abortion industry, responsible for the slaughter of millions of innocent children worldwide. 

In the United States alone, during the year 2021, about one million abortions were performed, becoming the leading cause of death.

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