The escalation of violence in the United States as measured by assaults, robberies, homicides, and violent attacks has grown worryingly throughout 2021. A recent report warns that this spike in violence was mainly concentrated in 12 major cities governed by Democrats, where progressive policies are constantly being pushed.

The year 2020 had already been identified as an extraordinarily violent period, with several cities breaking homicide records. The increase was blamed on the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and the effects of lockdowns.

Undoubtedly these factors helped the increase in violence. Still, the curious thing is that in 2021, when the economy managed to recover and people began to live much closer to normality, homicides continued to rise. In some major cities of the country, the numbers are really alarming.

According to a recent ABC News report, a total of 12 cities, all led by Democratic mayors, reached an all-time high in annual homicides.

Philadelphia, Austin (Texas), St. Paul (Minnesota), Portland (Oregon), Tucson (Arizona), Toledo (Ohio), Columbus (Ohio), Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Rochester (New York), Louisville (Kentucky), Indianapolis (Indiana), Baton Rouge (Louisiana) and Albuquerque are the 12 cities noted in the report.

“It’s terrible to every morning get up and have to go look at the numbers and then look at the news and see the stories. It’s just crazy. It’s just crazy and this needs to stop,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said after his city surpassed its annual homicide record of 500, which stood since 1990.

As of Dec. 6, Philadelphia recorded an estimated 521 murders, representing a 13% increase over 2020. It is worth noting that this city barely has 1.5 million inhabitants and surpasses in murders the two largest cities in the country, New York and Los Angeles.

The same happened with the remaining 10 cities that saw their homicide rates increase during the last period, even with more than 20 days to go before the end of the year.

Other cities led by Democrats, such as Milwaukee and Minneapolis, have not surpassed the number of homicides from the previous period but are very close to doing so.

While the report highlights only the issue of homicides to measure the year-over-year increase in violence, the statistics also indicate alarming increases in robberies, street fights, and acts of vandalism.

Conservatives and Republicans, in general, have accused leftist Democrats of being responsible for the increase in violence for implementing policies aimed at defunding law enforcement. That left many areas unprotected because there were not enough officers to meet the demands of the population.

Democrats, especially under the current administration of Joe Biden, have been singled out for provoking a deep migratory crisis on the southern border. Yet, even to this day, they allow the illegal entry of an incalculable number of criminals and drug traffickers who, in many cases, end up carrying out criminal acts.

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