A California businesswoman, who was forced to close her business, denounced the many crimes and homelessness that have proliferated in the state under the policies of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

“I won’t stop , the gov of CA and his liberal ideology ruined my business.. I decided to close the doors today. I can’t do it anymore and I’m irate,” explains the woman in a video directed to Governor Newsom that has gone viral on social networks.

The young entrepreneur described the number of problems her 15-year-old business has had to face as a result of the incredible increase in homelessness and the invasion of tents and people defecating and taking drugs on the streets that can be seen in downtown Sacramento.

“I have had a business in downtown Sacramento for 15 yrs, a successful business. I now have to leave my place of business. I have to close my shop,” she said in the video, citing the increase in crime and homelessness that has been characteristic of California in recent years.

“I have to fight off people who push their way into my shop that are homeless and on drugs because you won’t arrest them for drug offenses.  I have to apologize to my clients as to why they can’t get into my door because there’s somebody asleep there,” she said.

She said she had to clean feces, urine, and syringes from her hair salon door every day before opening.

“I talk to police offers. They told me to contact you. They want to do something and they can’t because you changed the laws. So I wanna know what you’re gonna do for us, the ones that are unhappy,” she asked Newsom.

“You wanna make us a sanctuary state. You wanna make it comfortable for everybody except for the people that work hard and have tried their hardest to get along in life,” the woman said.

“Your liberal ideology is not working and I don’t know who you’re trying to please,” she added.

California’s Proposition 47, known as The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, passed in 2014, radically reduced the enforcement and penalties for a variety of nonviolent offenses such as public defecation and other lifestyle-related offenses.

On the other hand, state law allows illegal immigrants who commit crimes not to be turned over to immigration authorities, immigration attorney Ester Valdes told The BL.

The video produced a lot of comments on social networks.

“Thanks for talking! I also own a small business, but in Oregon. We have the same problem with an extreme liberal. Our state is being destroyed. A really beautiful and desirable place to live is being destroyed daily,” a man wrote on social networks.

“I was born in California, it’s beautiful there and I miss that. I had to leave for these reasons and more. It’s sad, I hope something changes,” said another person.

“I’m so sorry, I have family in Sacramento! It’s horrible what this communist government is doing. And [former governor] Jerry Brown before him. He ruined the state. We pray for all of you,” another woman shared.

California Homeless Crisis

A recent report by Sacramento Steps Forward, developed by the Sacramento State Institute of Social Research, revealed a 19% increase in the number of homeless people in Sacramento County.

However, according to data from the same organization, the situation is much more serious in San Francisco and Los Angeles counties.

According to Fox News, there are about 53,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County, including about 1,000 registered sex offenders.

One-third of them have mental health problems and another third have drug addiction problems, according to Fox News.

The city is full of makeshift camps that generate a lot of garbage and feces to the point where they are already beginning to hinder traffic, Dr. Drew Pinsky, an addiction medicine specialist, told Fox News.

In fact, the Southern California beach safety organization Heal the Bay recently revealed that the ocean off the coast of California accumulates an amount of fecal bacteria and feces that are above safety levels.

According to Dr. Drew, this waste reaches the ocean because of the 60,000 to 80,000 homeless people who defecate, urinate, and bleed in the streets of the state every day.

Last month President Donald Trump expressed concern and showed his willingness to combat the growing phenomenon of homelessness and mental illness in some cities in an interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

“Some of them have mental problems where they don’t even know they’re living that way,” he said. “In fact, perhaps they like living that way. They can’t do that. We cannot ruin our cities.  And you have people that work in those cities.  They work in office buildings and to get into the building, they have to walk through a scene that nobody would have believed possible three years ago,” the president said.

He also blamed progressive politicians for exacerbating the problem because of legislation in so-called ‘sanctuary cities, which protect illegal immigrants.

President Trump also said that this problem should not be a matter for the federal government, but that he will probably be forced to deal with it.