House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) rallied energy industry leaders searching for the causes and effects of high gasoline costs in the U.S. that would make the upcoming Thanksgiving the most expensive in history. 

“There’s nothing that’s becoming more expensive than gasoline today. And it doesn’t have to be the case. When gasoline becomes more expensive, the people that it truly hurts are those that are less fortunate, those that have less money,” McCarthy reckoned according to the Oct. 27 Daily Caller. 

He added: “It literally takes food away from their children. As we look to Thanksgiving coming up, it’s going to be the most expensive Thanksgiving in history for Americans. But the real challenge is happening here. It’s the policies of this new administration.”

Louisiana Representative Garret Graves also weighed in, saying, “This is what we’re seeing right now as a result of executive orders, as a result of policy decisions,” referring to the Biden administration’s provisions.  

He added, “With the reconciliation package, they are trying to come in and double and triple down on the strategies that have caused higher price.”

According to an AAA database, the national average value of gasoline reached $3.39 per gallon and surpassed $7.50 per gallon in states like California.

In this context, Oklahoma Rep. Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma, argued that national security is also being impacted. 

“As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, this is actually a national security issue at this point,” warned Bice, quoted by the Daily Caller.  

Likewise, in one of his statements, former President Donald J. Trump emphasized the issue saying, “$7.59 gasoline in various parts in California—a record, and going higher. All over the Country gasoline is spiking. If the Trump Administration were in there, it would right now be $2 a gallon or less.”

The meetings convened by McCarthy also discussed the negative impact of the Biden administration’s climate provisions included in the pending $3.5 trillion budget bill.

For President Joe Biden, issues related to controversial climate change have become a priority, and he has sought to curb the development of the U.S. fossil fuel industry. 

In this sense, The Wall Street Journal sees the increase in fuel prices as a convenience to bring them closer to the high costs of alternative energies. 

“Higher fossil-fuel prices diminish the cost differential with alternative energy sources, expediting the transition,” it published.

It added: “The loss of U.S. energy independence, which lines the pockets of our adversaries, is viewed as an acceptable trade-of.”

“Higher gasoline and heating prices cause further inflation and represent a hidden regressive tax on lower-income citizens,” The Wall Street Journal also noted.

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