California Governor Gavin Newsom launched a campaign on Thursday, May 27, to ‘reward’ those who got vaccinated and persuade Californians who have not yet done so to receive the experimental Covid-19 (CCP Virus) vaccine through a program he called “Vaccine for Victory.” He is offering them $116.5 million in prizes to be awarded through a series of drawings in June, Bloomberg reported

The State of California, after spending a long time trying to convince its residents to get vaccinated against the CCP Virus, is hoping that a juicy cash incentive will make citizens lend their arm for the jab without hesitation.  

“The state of California today is announcing the most significant incentive program in the United States of America,” Newsom said Thursday at a Los Angeles vaccination center.  

He also tweeted the details on his Twitter account on Thursday. He said the prizes would be divided between vaccinated and unvaccinated Californian residents who agree to be vaccinated. 

According to the schedule, the first two California draws, on June 4 and 11, will select a total of 30 winners who will receive $50,000 each if they get vaccinated. In the last draw, on 15 June, 10 residents will each win $1.5 million. Any vaccinated Californian who is 12 years or older can enter. 

As Bloomberg reported, Newsom said that “in the last week, the number of residents receiving their first dose of the two-dose vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna plummeted.”  

This situation is not surprising given the increased uncertainty that is being generated in the population, the appearance of serious adverse effects that would indicate that they are associated with the vaccines. 

Among the most serious, and the ones that have been generating the greatest repercussions in the community, is cardiac inflammation in young adults. As recently as 17 May, the CDC’s safety committee issued an advisory alerting physicians to reports of myocarditis, with most cases developing within four days of vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna. 

According to data posted on the VAERS website recently reported by The BL, it shows that reports of adverse symptoms occurring after vaccination exceed 227,805 cases, including 4,201 subsequent deaths in total from 14 December 2020 to 14 May. 

In addition, 20% of deaths following COVID-19 vaccination were associated with cardiac disorders, with more male patients (50%) than female patients (44%) dying from these complications. 

California is not the only state aligned with the federal government that is offering incentives to persuade the public.  

New York has announced tickets to sporting events and theatre memberships as ‘prizes’ for those vaccinated. Meanwhile, New Jersey created a “shot and a beer” program in which vaccinated residents 21 and older can get a free beer at certain breweries during May if they show their vaccination card, according to the Mercury News. 

It also emerged this week that the Biden White House is using the Snapchat app to convince younger people to get the shot. 

Another state has gone even further, harassing residents who don’t want to get vaccinated with appeals, as two North Dakota state senators complained in a letter to state health official Dr. Nizar Wehbi. 

“In order for the Department to initiate these calls, medical records must be accessed without the immediate consent from the citizens of North Dakota,” the senators wrote.

The federal government and its allies persist in the idea that herd immunity cannot be achieved with less than 70% of the population vaccinated and continue to ignore the multiple cases of serious harm caused by experimental vaccines, with more and more cases coming to light. 

This makes us reflect once again that the strong interest in promoting vaccination as the only way to obtain immunity against the virus and the only way to be free from masks and restrictions is directly aligned with economic rather than health purposes.

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