Donald Trump Jr. slammed the media on Monday, March 8, for not speaking up about embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and said it was because he “was willing to speak poorly about my father.”

Speaking with Sean Hannity on Fox, the former president’s eldest son told host Hannity that Gov. Cuomo had been given a “pass” over his catastrophic directive to nursing homes last year. He directed that CCP Virus-positive patients in recovery could not be refused a bed in a nursing home.

More than 9,000 people who had tested positive for the virus and were recovering were sent from hospitals into nursing homes. The Cuomo administration had attempted to cover up the real number of deaths in nursing homes, with the actual number of deaths revealed as 15,000, around double what Cuomo had previously stated.

Trump Jr. told Hannity, “This [the nursing home scandal] is probably the bigger scandal. However, it seems like perhaps the Democrats are sweeping that under the rug in lieu now of the accusations against our groper-in-chief as governor of New York.”

“This kind of stuff is disgusting, Sean. It has gone on too long. The Democrats get a pass. They only go towards Democrats. If there were a Republican in this situation, whether it was one scandal, both scandals, a fraction of the scandal, this would have been over a long time ago,” he said.

Trump Jr. blamed the media for creating a “hero” out of Cuomo because of his readiness to talk trash about the former president and criticize the Trump administration’s handling of the CCP Virus.

He added, “They made him a deity … because he was willing to talk poorly about my father, they gave him a throne, and they let him do his thing. It was a joke, and it was a sham, and I think we are starting to realize that now.”

Hannity questioned Trump Jr. on whether he would consider challenging Cuomo in the 2022 New York gubernatorial election.

Trump Jr. was straight to the point, “I think you need someone who is a fighter … [but] I just have no interest in that job.”

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