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Gov. Cuomo offers up New Yorkers as ‘guinea pigs’ for vaccine trials, and makes face masks compulsory in public

Andrew Cuomo

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) near the U.S. Naval Ship Mercy in New York, on March 30, 2020. (Courtesy of Andrew Cuomo/Twitter)

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is prepared to have New York used as a “laboratory” for testing any possible vaccines and has ordered all state residents to don a face mask at all times when out in public when social distancing is not possible.

Cuomo is hoping New Yorkers will be considered for vaccine trials as soon as one is available. “It’s over whenever you have a vaccine,” he said at a press conference on April 15.

Speaking to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Cuomo said the citizens of New York would be ideal to test a vaccine on. “Do you need a place to test it in large numbers?” he asked rhetorically of the Feds. “Think of New York.”

Wednesday saw another 752 infections with the CCP Virus, making the number hospitalized at 18,000. This, says Cuomo, is “good news” as it is a reduction from numbers last week.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on March 7, 2020, declares a state of emergency in New York. (Screenshot/NBC News)

“Anything we can do to work with the federal government to get the vaccine done faster, we are all in,” Cuomo continued. “We want to use New York as a laboratory. We are ready, willing, in any way.”

Cuomo also posted an executive order making masks compulsory to Twitter on Wednesday, New Yorkers “MUST wear a mask or face-covering in public in situations where social distancing is not possible.”

“For example, if you are riding on public transit where it is impossible to maintain social distancing, or walking on a busy sidewalk, you must wear a face-covering like a bandana or a mask,” he explained.

The order is expected to come into effect on Friday.

“We have to continue to stop the spread and this is a constant calibration also,” Cuomo said during a press conference Wednesday upon announcing his executive order, which requires that people “must wear” coverings in situations “where you are not maintaining social distancing.”

“Put the mask on when you are not in socially distant places,” Cuomo said. “It is your right to go out for a walk in the park, go out for a walk because you need to get out of the house … fine, don’t infect me. You don’t have a right to infect me.”

“You must have a mask or a cloth covering nose and mouth. That is by executive order,” he said, adding that you can wear an “attractive bandana or a color-coordinated bandana or cloth,” but stressed the point,  “You have to wear it.”

Cuomo said that, as it stands for now, “you won’t go to jail if you don’t wear a mask,” but that local government “should enforce” it, according to Fox News.

Cuomo warned New Yorkers not to relax social distancing measures: “We still have on a day-to-day basis about 2,000 people who are being diagnosed with COVID, so we’re not out of the woods, no, we’re still in the woods, but the good news is we can change the curve and control the spread,” Cuomo said.

As of Wednesday, New York, the epicenter of the CCP Virus (coronavirus) in the United States, reported more than 203,300 positive cases of the CCP Virus and more than 10,800 deaths.