A Republican from Wisconsin and conservative reporter were commended for resiliently upholding justice on Nov. 13.

Sen. Ron Johnson and journalist Andy Ngo both won the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s prestigious Annie Taylor Award.

“Thank you to the David Horowitz Freedom Center for awarding myself and Wisconsin’s Sen. Ron Johnson with the Annie Taylor Award,” Ngo said on Twitter. “It is an honor.”

Ngo was applauded for reporting on violence linked to militant left-wing group Antifa, according to The Post Millennial.

The Portlander was allegedly assaulted multiple times simply for doing his job. His parents were also harassed, even though they do not work for the mainstream media according to Fox News.

Johnson was praised for questioning FBI involvement in the Capitol riots on Jan. 6. He also exposed discrepancies between harsher punishment of Capitol rioters compared to Black Lives Matter activists.

The award previously honored civil rights leader Ward Connerly, late political commentator Rush Limbaugh, former Georgia state Sen. Zell Miller (D), Vietnam prisoner of war James Warner, activist Phyllis Schlafly, Congressional Medal of Honor Award Recipient Jack Jacobs, Swift Boat veteran John O’Neill, and former GOP Attorney Generals John Ashcroft and Jeff Sessions according to CBS58.

The award is named after Annie Edson Taylor, a 63 year-old school teacher who was the first person to survive a barrel ride at Niagara Falls during 1901. It honors people who showed venerable courage by “going over the ledge when others would be afraid to even go near it.”

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