The Recall Gavin campaign achieved the legal goal of gathering the 1.5 million signatures of California voters so that a judge, once he validates the signatures, will call for a new election.

With the slogan “Governor Gavin Newsom continues to destroy the lives and business of hardworking Californians,” the petition asks for help to “stop this tyrant before it’s too late.”

The campaign accuses Newsom of creating unaffordable housing, record homelessness, rising crime, schools that have failed to educate and are instead used to indoctrinate, self-employed workers were driven out of their jobs, and expanding state “debt” through pensions. 

People locked up at home, but criminals on the loose 

Adam Garcia, a Chino city police officer, spoke at City Hall on Feb. 8, and asked citizens to sign a petition to recall Newsom showing his frustration with the way Newsom and District Attorney George Gascon have dealt with crime in the state. 

“California has become a safe haven for criminals, violence is skyrocketing, and criminals are well aware they can commit crimes with little to no consequence,” said Garcia. ”It is not uncommon for criminals to be released from custody the same day of their arrests and sometimes back on the streets before officers have even completed their reports.”

Garcia recounted a case that left a deep impression on him. 

“In the summer of 2009, a young woman was kidnapped in my division. The suspect, in this case, had a lengthy arrest record, but it would be considered a nonviolent offender by Gavin Newsom’s standards,” the officer said.

“Despite numerous arrests and probe violations, the suspect was granted parole once more and released back into society,” Garcia explained. “No long after his release, this ‘nonviolent’ offender kidnapped a 17-year-old girl, took her to the skid row area downtown Los Angeles, beat her violently, and then cut her throat with a broken glass bottle.”

“Under Governor Newsom, men like these are often released from prison because he classifies them as nonviolent offenders. What is even more disturbing over the past year, Governor Newsom has been quietly releasing thousands of inmates from prisons throughout the state. He is doing so without any threat assessment and with complete disregard for the safety of Californians,” Officer Garcia said. 

The 19-year police veteran dismissed the notion that his call to recall Newsom is partisan and explained that his stance is that of an American.

“I am asking each of you here today to join our efforts to recall Gavin Newsom as Governor of California. If we fail to act now, criminals like these will plague our neighborhoods,” Garcia added.

The deadline for submitting signatures is March 10, so campaign representatives said they would use the remaining time to gather additional signatures if the validation process discards some. 

Even if the campaign succeeds in recalling Newsom, California remains firmly Democrat, and polls from last month still give the current governor a 54% approval rating.

Among possible candidates for California governor from Trump-supporting Republicans, Richard Grenell’s name was mentioned in media reports.

Grenell is a former American ambassador to Germany and served briefly as Trump’s national intelligence director.

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