Gerber, a childhood nutrition company, is searching for a cute baby in their 10th-annual contest to find the new spokesbaby for the company in 2020.

The grand prize winner will not only be the new face of the company for a year, but the family will also get a $25,000 check, FOX 13 News reported.

Photo Search launched in 2010, inspired by the numerous pictures of babies that people sent into the company over the years.

This year, parents interested in showing off their beautiful babes can submit one photo and a short video of their little one.

“We always strive to make each year of Photo Search bigger and better than the last, and we encourage families all over the country to submit their little ones for a chance to be a part of this special year with us,” Bill Partyka, Gerber’s president, and CEO, said in a news release.

The contest started on Feb. 5 and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on Feb. 21. The judging period started on the same day as the contest and ends on Feb. 28.

Judges will choose the next Gerber baby based on the following criteria:

Visual appeal
Consistency with Gerber’s heritage Anything for Baby mission

Parents and legal guardians can enter the contest, here. They must fill out an informational form about themselves and then one on their potential star. The website also offers people a chance to see how many entries have been submitted in each state.

To see the full list of rules and how the contest is conducted, click here.


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