During an appearance on Fox’s “Tucker Show Tonight” Friday, April 2, Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) asserted the state’s stance in the face of corporate influence over Georgia State Assembly’s push for voter integrity. 

As the show’s host Tucker Carlson questioned whether the public outcry on corporates would be able to affect the state’s new legislation on election integrity, the Governor stated, “No, I think just the reverse. I can tell you — we are not backing down.” 

“The members of the legislature that voted on this bill that were duly elected in November are not backing down. People are rising up because they’re worried. They’re worried. You know, they’re worried who’s going to — what sport is going to be next? You know what event is going to be next? What business is going to be next?” he added.

On March 25, Georgia enacted an intensive election bill endorsed by the Republican Party signed by Kemp, called SB 202. The law imposes additional identification criteria for absentee voting, restricts ballot drop boxes, among others. Two Saturdays of early voting before presidential elections are also required; two Sundays are left to choose. 

Georgia was taking a big step to ensure voter integrity with the decision. “After the November election last year, I knew, like so many of you, that significant reforms to our state elections were needed,” Kemp shared the motive behind the package, reports Breitbart

Meanwhile, opponents of the bill claimed that it poses harm to voters of color. President Biden spoke with ESPN and referred to the bill as “Jim Crow on steroids.” Later, Georgian-based giants such as Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Home Depot, and Aflac became targets of criticism for not being more outspoken against the new law. 

Big companies later protested over the bill. Both Delta and Coke used the word “unacceptable” in reference to the bill, and Major League Baseball announced that they would move their headquarters to New York in response to Georgia’s new election integrity reform law. 

During the conversation with Carlson, Kemp argued that Georgia’s election law is still much less strict than those in New York. “When you look at New York’s voting laws, you have to have an excuse to vote absentee by mail in New York. You do not in Georgia.”

Gateway Pundit, the news site that keeps digging in and uncovering proof of the 2020 voter results manipulation, has constantly unearthed that ballot drop boxes are the key loophole for fraudulence.

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