Bryan K. Schmitt, 48, an Atlanta attorney, has been charged by a grand jury with murder for causing the death of Hamid Jahangard, 60, who he believed had thrown a golf ball at his Mercedes-Benz, authorities said.

The district attorney’s office said on July 30, Jahangard, described as a “prominent” real estate investor originally from Iran, accidentally struck Schmitt’s Mercedes vehicle with a golf ball. Schmitt then stopped his vehicle to confront Jahangard outside a rental property owned by the victim, which caused him to fall and strike his head. He was pronounced dead two days later of blunt-force trauma to the head, the DA’s office said.

Schmitt refused the charges, told authorities that he accidentally struck Jahangard after making a U-turn to confront the victim, who threw the trash can in the path of his Mercedes, according to the Journal Constitution.

However, after reviewing security video and car video from a motorist who was behind the suspect, investigators concluded it was a case of murderous road rage, the newspaper reported.

Schmitt was arrested Aug. 12 and was indicted Friday on allegations of murder, felony murder, and aggravated assault. He remains in jail.

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