A Wyoming health product manufacturer accused authorities of using the pandemic to prevent the business from trading.

Quickwork LLC believes the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) lawsuit to stop selling non-injection therapies is a clear case of regulatory overreach.

The company refuses to stop marketing vitamin D and zinc tablets as more effective preventative medication than Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus vaccines.

Founding chiropractor Eric Nepute also will not be silenced despite the “unlimited” taxpayer-funded resources of both the FTC and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

“We are pushing back so that we can actually get the science out to the people,” he said according to Life Site News. “What I have got that is powerful is God on my side, there is no question about it–we have got facts and we got faith, [and] we are going to win with that.”

Nepute will continue to present scientific facts to the general public despite the lawsuit.

“Things the federal government are accusing me of are absolutely unbelievable, when you look at the science,” he said.

FTC and DOJ claim Quickwork grossly misrepresented the healing efficacy of its Wellness Warrior Vita D, Wellness Warrior Zinc, and other nutritional supplements.

“Defendants lack valid factual or scientific bases for these claims, which are frequently accompanied by equally unsupported assertions regarding the applicable science,” authorities said in court documents. “In short, defendants are selling their products by disseminating misinformation, exploiting fears in the midst of a pandemic, and posing a significant risk to public health and safety.”

The government also claims it contacted the business to point out the advertising might be “deceptive” and “violate” both the Federal Trade Commission Act and COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act.

“Defendants have refused to stop [advertising,]” the court documents say. “The United States therefore files this suit to seek preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, civil penalties, and other remedies in order to prevent the harms caused by defendants’ ongoing misrepresentations.”

The BL understands several qualified health professionals have examined the effectiveness of many treatments, in preventing death from the CCP Virus. Some of these supplements include hydroxychloroquine, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin C, iodine, and nebulized hydrogen peroxide.

The University of Chicago Medicine published a report in March that confirmed vitamin D truly has a significant impact on fighting the CCP Virus. The supplement can decrease the risk of testing positive for the virus “at least in black individuals.”

“Importance of vitamin D in the spread of COVID in the United States is supported by the fact that nearly half of the population is vitamin D deficient,” the university’s Center for Health and Social Sciences website said. “[There are] higher rates among persons with darker skin and/or lower sun exposure, including those living in higher latitudes in the winter, nursing home residents, and health care workers, who also have [a] greater risk.”

Nepute has already been approached by lawyers, and offered financial compensation in exchange for not selling his products as CCP Virus remedies. However, he is not interested.

“We could easily do a walk away, take a settlement that they offered, and just take a slap on the wrist … [and] act like nothing ever happened,” he said. “But we cannot do that [in good conscience.]”

At least one lawmaker supports entrepreneurs like Nepute who offer alternatives to the CCP Virus vaccines.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) previously admitted it is a “real shame” that patients cannot try what he calls the hydroxychloroquine regimen.

“I had a couple of bad days but I started taking hydroxychloroquine, [Zithromax], and zinc, along with vitamins D3 and C,” he said according to the Washington Examiner. “I [also] took a steroid nebulizer for a few days to help coat the alveoli in the lungs and protect them somewhat from the COVID (CCP) virus attack.”

Gohmert believes more Americans could benefit from the treatment.

“I feel sorry for patients whose doctors are not even allowed to consider the hydroxychloroquine regimen,” he said.

StopMedicalTyranny.com supports Nepute and other doctors who believe they have been denied their constitutional right to free speech.

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