On Friday, Sept. 17, Fox News said that its drones are now allowed to continue hovering around the Texas-Mexico border after initially being banned.

“FoxNews applied this morning and has received clearance to operate from now until the end of September in the restricted airspace,” the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced in a Tweet Friday.  

The FAA a day prior announced a temporary flight restriction (TFR) in Del Rio, Texas, that was supposed to take effect for two weeks. 

According to Fox News, the ban would prevent journalist drones from flying above the Del Rio Port of Entry and the International Bridge for “special security reasons,” unless they have received clearance.

“The Border Patrol requested the temporary flight restriction due to drones interfering with law enforcement flights on the border,” the FAA said in a statement. “As with any temporary flight restriction, media is able to call the FAA to make requests to operate in the area.”

The situations with illegal migrants in these areas have become a hot spot for media attention, with thousands of asylum seekers cramped together in huge numbers.

Under the International Bridge, the number of illegal migrants swelled up more than double overnight on Thursday, from around 4,000 to 8,200 individuals. A vast majority of them were Haitians. 

In an interview with Fox News, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) alleged that the Biden administration called back deportation flights to Haiti.

“If you’re from Haiti, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said we have open borders, come to Del Rio and they will let you in,” Cruz said.

“85% of the people under there are from Haiti. They’re fleeing from Haiti. They announced they weren’t going back,” he noted.

Despite the outcry from Republicans, the Biden administration insisted on solving the immigrant issues starting from the root causes—by looking at the problems that had deterred people from remaining in their homeland. 

According to the New York Times, Haiti, since July, had been struggling through a series of political instability, gang warfare, poverty, hunger, in combination with an earthquake and flash floods that had killed more than 2,000 people.

The news agency reported that the country was rampaging with violence erupting in the streets and small children were constantly in danger of kidnapping.

Likewise, the flaws with the open border policies the President supports, as the Republicans pointed out, were a significant risk to allowing more criminals into the country. 

Valley Central reported earlier this month that the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents had arrested three gang members and a convicted child sex offender, with similar reports emerging this year.

The U.S. Custom and Border Protection provided that El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended and removed 38 people convicted or wanted on sexual crime charges in the fiscal year 2021, which began Oct. 1, 2020.

According to Associated Press, flights to send Haitians back to their country would resume as early as Sunday this week.

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