One of the few presidents to win a Nobel Peace Prize was admitted to an Atlanta hospital for brain surgery on Nov. 11.

Jimmy Carter (D), 95, has been admitted to Emory University Hospital for an operation that could help remove damage he suffered from multiple falls.

The Carter Center, which the former president and wife Rosalynn founded, confirmed surgeons would start operating in the morning.

“Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was admitted to Emory University Hospital this evening for a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain, caused by bleeding due to his recent falls,” spokesperson Deanna Congileo said on Twitter. “President Carter is resting comfortably, and his wife, Rosalynn, is with him.”

Carter was hospitalized after falling at least three times in 2019. His first fall back in spring resulted in him needing hip replacement surgery in Nashville, Tennessee. Another fall on Oct. 6 resulted in him requiring 14 stitches on his forehead,  while the third tumble fractured his pelvis on Oct. 21.

The nation’s oldest surviving former president was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and survived without a relapse. Although Carter’s health condition has deteriorated it has not stopped him from helping to build corbel support brackets for one of 21 Habitat for Humanity homes for the needy in Nashville.

Habitat for Humanity confirmed with the Associated Press an additional 12 new single-family homes and 26 new townhomes will be built by the year 2021 thanks to funds raised through the 2019 Carter Work Project.

The falls and a fractured pelvis also did not stop Carter from teaching Sunday school twice a month in his hometown of Plains, Georgia according to the Associated Press.

The former president was back at Sunday school less than two weeks after the accident but the latest brain operation could force him to take a longer break.

Carter’s pastor, Rev. Tony Lowden, who describes the former president’s stamina as “amazing,” admitted the latest hospital admission happened on a rather “rough day.”

“I’ve never seen anything like him,” Lowden said according to the Associated Press.

A spokesperson said the Sunday school was very “proud” of the former president’s decision to continue running his classes through sitting in a chair with a motorized seat lift.

“We just need the whole country to be in prayer for him,” Lowden said in a later telephone interview.

Carter believes very much in life and freedom being a gift from the divine.

“With our freedom, every one of us can make a basic decision … ‘what kind of person do I, myself, choose to be?’” he said according to the Associated Press. “If your life is not filled with peace, joy and thanksgiving, it’s your fault.’”

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