Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice has been appointed to lead the White House Domestic Policy Council in the Biden administration, but former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Richard Grenell suggested that she actually is the commander in chief. 

“President Susan Rice is doing a great job,” Grenell told Newsmax’s “The Count” on Saturday, March 6. “She’s literally behind the scenes, just pulling all the strings and nobody’s paying attention. It’s a joke that we think that she’s not running foreign policy. We know she is.”

Rice was on then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s short list for the vice-presidential nomination in 2020. The president ultimately tapped her as the chief of his domestic agenda despite her significant scandals: the 2012 attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, and the outrageous “unmasking” of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

“They wanted her to be secretary of state, but she didn’t have the votes last time or this time. She almost became vice president,” Grenell said.

But Vice President Kamala Harris who holds the tiebreaker vote in the 50-50 Senate is too busy with the Senate to monitor Rice from further gaining power and influence in the administration, according to Grenell. 

“If we don’t get more kind of media attention and scrutiny on what Susan Rice is doing, I think we’re really doing a disservice to the American people,” he added. “You can see that Joe Biden doesn’t have a command of the foreign policy issues, doesn’t have a command of even calling world leaders.”

In April 2017, Rice told PBS that she knew nothing about members of the Trump team being surveilled in connection with foreign investigations. “I was surprised to see the reports,” she said. However, an email that Rice sent to herself on former President Trump’s Inauguration Day, which was declassified by Grenell in May 2020, proved that she lied. 

Grenell has repeatedly warned that Rice would act as the “shadow president” under 78-year-old Joe Biden. 

“I think you need to watch Susan Rice very closely,” Grenell said on “Sunday Morning Futures” in January. “She will be the shadow president.”

“We saw him[Biden] raise his hand during the Democratic primary for some really radical ideas,” he said. “The progressives have clearly taken over him … And Susan Rice being right there at the White House to be the shadow president is probably exactly where she wants to be.”

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