A 9-year-old girl from Canton was bitten by a shark while vacationing in Florida on Friday, Aug. 16.

Maggie Crum was swimming in shallow water at New Smyrna Beach when she was bitten on the right leg. Her injuries were nonlife-threatening.

“I was running into the water, and I was about knee deep,” Crum recalled. “When I started swimming the shark bit my leg and there’s three marks back here that tore through the teeth and like just like two rows of teeth.”

The girl screamed for her family. She received immediate treatment on the beach before being taken to the hospital.

Ten people have been bitten by sharks in Volusia County this year, but Maggie said that she plans to get back in the water again during her vacation.

“What are the odds that you’re gonna be bit twice?” Maggie said. “I think that’s it’s an absolute zero! Big fat zero, it’s not gonna happen.”

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