Back to school is often a sad time for many families. Yet for these four Florida mothers, it was time to celebrate, FOX 35 ORLANDO reported.

Shawna, Jennifer, Robyn, and Bridget are all from the same neighborhood in Minneola, Florida. Together, they have 18 children in total. This year, they decided to celebrate when the summer break came to an end and the school year kicked back up.

Shawna, a photographer, and owner of Wee Winks Photography decided to take photos of her and her friends eating donuts and drinking wine on the first day of school. They sat next to a sign that read “First Day of School 2019” and “#ByeFelicia.”

She posted the photos onto Facebook with the caption “some of you are sad. This is me and my girls. We will be juuuuuuust fine.”

People love pictures so far, they have ladies who want to hang out with them and down some wine, they also have gotten offers to go to Disney with some, Shawna added. Their children think they are crazy. The older ones are now disowning them because of how far these pictures are going.

“We have threatened to walk them to school in our robes,” Shawna said.