On Wednesday, the Florida House and Senate passed a bill that targets social media censorship and interference with political altercations. 

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the legislation, SB 7072, was passed with 78-41 approval which will strike social media companies financially for abusing the right to express opinions. 

The new law would have Big Tech reconsidering their ongoing discrimination of political data that by far has been manipulated in favor of leftists and has muted voices from the other party. The new law penalizes such behavior and would fine companies up to $250,000 daily for the suspension of statewide politicians and $25,000 for blocking other elected officials, The Hill reported. 

Previously on Monday, April 26, the Senate already approved a version of the bill which would fine Big Tech tyrants $100,000 per day if the companies censor an election candidate and $10,000 for banning a political candidate.

Nonetheless, The Verge detailed that social media platforms can still block candidates temporarily and remove particular posts that infringe their terms of service with the legislation in place. The punishment will apply to the suspensions that extend more than two months, and the platforms will be requested to revive posts that the candidate shared before being censored. 

Additionally, the law also prevents the online platforms from unjustly filtering “journalistic enterprises” inside the State, the outlet added. 

The passing of SB 7072 was praised by the conservatives, who have been the primary victim of Big Tech censorship since the culture started, for reinforcing freedom of speech. 

“Let’s send a message to these Big Tech monopolies that Florida will no longer stand for their shenanigans,” said Rep. Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill), AP reported. “Big tech is not a free market, not even close.”

Antagonists of the bill, on the other hand, argued that the decision was “unconstitutional.” They believe the bill was constructed to defend former President Trump, who has been ruthlessly barred from online media, especially his allegations relating to last year’s election transparency.

“This bill is a retaliation for the former presidential administration being banned from social media sites by spreading false information, inciting riots, sedition, and violence,” said Rep. Anna Eskamani. She disapproved of the passing of the legislation.  

“If you vote against this bill, you’re voting against freedom of speech, you’re voting against equal protection, you’re voting for censorship,” Rep. Thad Altman (R) said in defense of the bill. “We have evil people trying to silence our voice.”

Rep. John Snyder (R) also dismissed the argument that mentions the former President, “this bill is not about President Trump. This bill is about the 22 million Floridians and their First Amendment rights.”

SB 7072 is currently waiting for governor Ron DeSantis’s signature before it can be enacted. The governor has publicly been highly promotive of freedom of speech rights, which would be of little doubt that he would readily impose it. 

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