The Florida House of Representatives, after an extensive debate on Wednesday, issued a resolution denouncing the “democratic socialism” immersed in American politics and reaffirming the values of individual liberty, constitutional democracy, and private property, as indicated by the Founding Fathers. 

The House adopted the resolution (H.R. 145) by a vote of 79 to 36. Republican Representative Tom Fabricio of Miramar is the sponsor of the resolution.

In a public statement, Fabricio said: “This is a message from the Florida House of Representatives to say that we stand by our economic system, progress, and our system of government,” reported local media outlet Florida Politics.

It is no coincidence that this resolution is taken in Florida, a state where socialism and communism have become a topic of the current political conversation. There is a considerable Latino electorate in the region, with Cubans, Venezuelans, and other Latino countries represented. Countries where socialism has wreaked havoc and citizens forced to flee what little they had, often leaving behind affections and families. They came to the United States to try their luck where freedom is the right of every citizen.

The criticisms and warnings in the resolution focus on the so-called democratic socialism penetrating with dissimulation and force in the United States.

This concept is understood as a kind of socialism disguised as democracy, which is a disguised and less violent method of introducing leftist ideology in countries with a greater tradition of individual, economic and political freedom, such as the United States. However, the results can be just as catastrophic as direct and violent socialism in the long run.

In this sense, Fabricio expressed himself on Twitter to present the resolution and assure that:

“The Florida House will always support and defend true and successful American values rather than failed democratic socialism.” 

Numerous Democrats rejected the proposal and voiced strong condemnation of slavery, white supremacy, and right-wing fascism, seeking to impose a false narrative on those who stand against socialism.

Other Democrats, such as Rep. Fentrice Driskell, attempted to minimize the issue by arguing that there are other more important issues to debate, such as COVID-19. A typical discourse of leftists globally seeking to impose that the only problem today is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus or COVID-19. 

During the House debate, Fabricio argued that the policies of the social democrats, adopted by politicians such as Bernie Sanders, are wrong and extremely dangerous and endanger American democracy and capitalism.

Republican David Borrero, in line with Fabricio, assured that no form of socialism is acceptable and added:

“We have seen throughout history how public ownership of the means of production has led to death, massive famine, starvation and taken advantage of millions of lives.”

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