McDonald’s announced that hiring too many white men would cause senior executives who did so to lose bonuses and instead they should prioritize women and “historically underrepresented groups” for top corporate positions.

For her part, writer Celine Ryan questioned this system and called it “McQuotas,” according to her Feb. 19 article.  

“But even those who place value in the concepts of ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ have repeatedly pointed out that these types of hiring quotas are misguided at best, and empty performances at worst, with unintended negative consequences,” Ryan wrote

This well-known multinational company increased the percentages of employees it now prioritizes when hiring, without parameters such as demographic proportionality in each country, for example.

Likewise, the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, maintains that “the company will focus on hiring women and minorities for top positions, regardless of their talent and abilities.”

Coca-Cola also generated a strong reaction when it was discovered that in its employee training instructions, it included a rule that participants “try to be less white” in their behavior, according to alternative media outlet The Scoop. 

The Twitter user identified as @DrKarlynB denounced these indications in one of her tweets.

“Coca-Cola is forcing employees to complete online training telling them to “try to be less white. These images are from an internal whistleblower,” she wrote.

After this tweet, Coca-Cola denied the fact, but @DrKarlynB replied in another of her messages that the company’s institutional icon could be seen in the didactic material used for the training. 

“For people asking to verify this, the course is publicly available on @LinkedIn,” the netizen confirmed.

She added: “You can see for yourself. The Coca-Cola icon is in the top right-hand corner on some of the images because they’re using LinkedIn content for their internal platform.” 

Likewise, American conservative politician and commentator Candace Owens commented on the controversial training materials.

“If a corporate company sent around a training kit instructing Black people how to be ‘less Black,’ the world would implode, and lawsuits would follow. I genuinely hope these employees sue @CocaCola for blatant racism and dissemination.'”


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