A former FedEx driver in Alabama has admitted to getting rid of hundreds of packages in a ravine last month. Law enforcement officials expect him to turn himself in.

USA Today citing the county sheriff’s department reported that around 300 to 400 packages were detected in a ravine in a private area, north-central Alabama by Blount County’s Sheriff’s deputies, leading to the investigation starting on Nov. 24. 

FedEx later dispatched workers to collect the packages.

The suspect is identified as Deandre Rayshaun Charleston, a 22-year-old citizen of Adamsville, Alabama, Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon said in a press conference.

Charleston had committed the offenses on five occasions from Nov. 17 to Nov. 24 because “he didn’t want to deliver them,” CNN citing the sheriff’s said. 

The suspect was not arrested on Friday because he was still busy “delivering packages for another company,” Moon told USA Today. Nevertheless, he has exhibited his cooperation with law enforcement officials, and they expected to have him in custody by the days’ end Friday. 

Moon added that the suspect “appeared that he was very sorrowful for what he had done” due to his recently suffering from a family member’s loss.

Charleston is accused of five warrants for cargo theft by the sheriff’s office, a class D felony, Moon said.

Among the dumped items, 247 packages worth roughly $25,000 were unidentifiable or unable to specify the intended owners, while 153 packages valued at around $15,000 were confirmed for a victim.

FedEx stated that they would send the recovered packages and figure out solutions for ruined shipments.

“The security of our customers’ shipments is a top priority, and we are committed to treating our customers’ packages with the utmost care,″ the transportation corporation claimed in a statement.

FedEx considered the incident as a “completely unacceptable” case, and they committed to going further with the inspection.

“We continue to cooperate with law enforcement in their investigation, including any criminal prosecution of, or civil action against, the responsible individual who is no longer providing service on behalf of FedEx Ground,” FedEx said in the statement.

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