The FBI closed the Gabby Petito murder case, which made headlines around the world for several days, after finding conclusive evidence that her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, was the sole perpetrator of her death.

According to agency sources, Brian sent a series of messages between his cell phone and Petito’s trying to pretend to have a conversation with her, when he had already killed her and was returning home to Florida.

Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Denver Division Michael Schneider said in a statement, “The timing and content of these messages are indicative of Mr. Laundrie attempting to deceive law enforcement by giving the impression that Ms. Petito was still alive.”

“The investigation did not identify any other individuals other than Brian Laundrie directly involved in the tragic death of Gabby Petito,” he added, according to Associated Press. “All logical investigative steps have been concluded in this case.”

A case that was followed around the world

The case of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, a couple who documented their trips on social media, made headlines around the world after Petito’s mother reported her missing, Utah police released a video of the couple being pulled over on the highway after a bad maneuver in a Wyoming national park.

In the lengthy video, Petito cries inconsolably, explaining that they had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend where she hit him first.

Laundrie on the other hand tries to downplay the altercation, arguing that it was an argument and a common couple’s fight.

The police forced them to leave separately, a decision that was highly criticized by people who claim that it is clear from the video that Petito was in a violent relationship and was in danger.

Gabby’s mother reported her daughter missing on September 11, after she stopped answering her calls and messages.

In the days that followed, dozens of people began contributing clues to the police who were desperately searching for Gabby Petito where they were last seen.

Unfortunately, the search came to an end when Petito’s body was found in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Forensic said Gabby had die at least three weeks before being found.

Petito died by blunt-force injuries to the head and neck, with manual strangulation.

Police established Laundrie, for whom rewards were being offered, as the prime suspect.

Before Petito was reported missing, Laundrie returned to his parents’ home in Florida alone and disappeared again.

His body was found in a Florida reservoir near his home after his parents alerted authorities that the location was frequented by their son.

It was determined that Laundrie shot himself and died days later.

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