Fauci last Friday on CNN said he and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were considering the reinstatement of public mask-wearing regardless of vaccination status.

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” on Friday, July 23, the White House’s chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci revealed that he and the federal health agency were taking the mask mandate “under active consideration” when discussing the potential changes in public guidelines.

He pointed out that in some locations where infection rates are rising, people are already being encouraged to wear masks in public, regardless of whether or not they are vaccinated.

Amid concerns about the Delta variant and spiking CCP virus infections, St. Louis County and Los Angeles County have brought back their public mask-wearing requirements, including vaccinated residents. While recommending their community to put the masks on, Las Vegas had made it compulsory for all employees of businesses in the county, reported New York Intelligencer.

Those municipal restrictions, according to Fauci, did not infringe with the CDC’s suggestion that the vaccinated could omit wearing masks in public, given that local officials have the authority to impose mandates if they so desire.

“If you’re looking at what’s going on locally, in the trenches, in places like LA county, the local officials have the discretion, and the CDC agrees with that ability and discretion capability, to say ‘you know, you’re in a situation where we’re having a lot of dynamics of infection, but even if you are vaccinated, you should wear a mask,” said Fauci. 

In an interview on Sunday, July 25, Fauci added that people with impaired or weak immune systems may eventually need the booster vaccine dose. 

“Those who are transplant patients, cancer chemotherapy, auto-immune diseases, that are on immunosuppressant regimens, those are the kind of individuals that if there’s going to be a third booster, which might likely happen, would be among first the vulnerable,” Fauci told CNN, according to NewsMax

The idea of a third dose for optimum protection against the CCP virus had been introduced by Pfizer, but both the CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and even Fauci himself had not backed it yet for lack of scientific evidence. Likewise, it does not mean they have completely discarded the idea.

“It’s a dynamic situation. It’s a work in progress, it evolves like in so many other areas of the pandemic,” said Fauci. “You’ve got to look at the data.”

On July 22, the Associated Press reported that positive cases of the CCP virus in the U.S. had tripled in just over two weeks. 

CDC Director Rochell Walensky had attributed the highly transmissive Delta variant to be responsible for 83% of the new infections. 

This new opinion from the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases came after breakthrough cases among Texas Democrats were confirmed

A group of more than 50 Texas Democrats, who were fully vaccinated, traveled together to Washington D.C. on July 12 in a private jet. Pictures showed they did not wear any masks when they were on the flight. There were at least six of them who tested positive for the CCP virus, and they had also transmitted the disease to two more officials in Washington who were fully vaccinated.

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