Amid more than 3,200 emails closely linked to Dr. Anthony Fauci is a March Madness sketch of fatal diseases that saw CCP Virus (COVID-19) the final winner.

The plentiful amount of emails that raised controversy over the true attitude of the U.S.’s top epidemiologist about CCP Virus was released this week on Buzzfeed with the collection originally extracted from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The diagram listed 16 well-known lethal diseases and demonstrated their rankings of being the most worrisome health threat was titled “Dr. Fauci’s March Madness Bracketology Picks.”

The letter carried a date of March 11, 2020, and a signature of CDC‘s John T. Brooks which read  “—Tony F.”

According to the graph, the semi-final witnessed CCP Virus from the East winning over South’s Measles, and Ebola from the West triumphed over Influenza H1N1.

CCP Virus won the final round and became Fauci’s pick of probably the most dreadful disease.

It could have been an ordinary and an insignificant little detail amid the many more controversial emails of Fauci that were unearthed, but the fact that the graphic was drafted out in a manner of sports tournament gained attention.

Several social media users have called it disturbing for Fauci and his acquaintances to entertainingly play around with the haunting diseases notorious for the way they spread suffering and deaths. 

The New York Post quoted two Twitter accounts saying that Fauci’s March Madness of diseases was “gross” and “sick.” 

“What were they betting? What does it mean? All the attempts to create pandemic and ‘rona finally took?” user Skrimchows tweeted.

Some other more positive reactions focused on how some diseases may be considered less superior than the others in the chart. 

“Lost all respect for him. I mean, how is Ebola not the clear winner? It has a 90% death rate,” @Boobourbon said.

“I can’t believe he picked Measles over Herpes!!” @FiDiNYer wrote of the graph.

“March Madness” has been a signature term for the NCAA’s annual basketball championship tournament which would usually span from mid-March to early April.

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