On April 21, the Burbank Police Department released a video of the scene when 30-year-old David William Kahler from Las Vegas was fatally shot by Californian police on March 8 when his stepson was with him. 

The incident occurred in the early morning at the Quality Inn near Burbank Airport, reported CBS Los Angeles. Californian officials were responding to a call of a parentless child spotted at Quality Inn’s parking lot. The worker at the hotel, who made the call, told the police that the kid did not have any footwear and he had been wandering in the area for half an hour. 

The pair were reported to have abandoned a stolen vehicle after a car crash on the 5 Freeway and arrived at the Quality Inn’s parking lot on foot, said Burbank police Lt. Derek Green.

The hotel’s surveillance camera showed that Kahler was trying to steal several vehicles at the parking lot before he decided to leave the boy back in the area while searching for a new target outside of the hotel. 

Footage extracted from the traffic camera continues the sequence with Kahler successfully stealing a maroon Honda Accord from the 2200 block of North Frederic Street and driving back to the hotel, where he met with the officials who were talking with his young stepson. 

According to the dashcam footage, when the 7-year-old rushed to join up with his stepfather, Kahler brandished a 9mm handgun aiming at the officers, with one of them can be heard demanding “drop the gun” in the background. 

The deceased suspect, David William Kahler waving an apparent weapon at one officer, bodycam record, April 21, 2021 (Screenshot video/Burbank Police Department/youtube)

When the boy screamed out, trying to inform the law enforcement that his father was in the car, three shots had already been fired and struck the 30-year-old. The suspect was not able to survive his injuries and passed away in a trauma center not very far from the scene. 

“Hey! He’s my dad! No! Stop! No!” the kid yelled when the shooting burst out. 

The boy was held back as the firing started and he was not injured. He was later moved to a protective center, said Green. 

The video recorded by the Burbank Police Department reviewed that the deceased suspect had a somewhat complicated law violation background. 

Criminal report of 30-year-old David William Kahler, provided by police on April 21, 2021 (Screenshot video/Burbank Police Department/youtube)

When officers retrieved the handgun from the scene, they found out it was also stolen property “taken in a vehicle burgarly that occured during February 23 and 24,” said Green. 

The suspect’s recovered loaded 9mm semiautomatic handgun, April 21, 2021 (Screenshot video/Burbank Police Department/youtube)

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