Stacy and Justin Wallace are in despair searching for their son, Job Wallace, a United States Marine who has been missing since Monday night, Sept. 17.

“At this point, it’s about his return, it’s not about the what-ifs, it’s not about what happened. I’m focused on getting him back,” Stacy Wallace told News Channel 8

The 20-year-old Marine was home on leave last weekend visiting friends and family. He left in his Ford Explorer pickup truck to go back to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, but the next morning, his sergeant told his family Job never showed up.

“Obviously as a mother, my mind went into a million different directions. My first thought, ‘He’s in danger or something, an accident,’” Stacy Wallace said. 

The Wallace family insist their son loved serving the country and would never go AWOL. He has been in Marine for nine months and they said he was looking forward to going back after being promoted. 

“It’s not like him. None of this is like him,” Stacy Wallace said. “Not one indication that he didn’t love being a Marine; It was his childhood dream.”

A border patrol camera spotted Job’s truck on Tuesday morning headed on I-10 near Fort Hancock, Texas, but was unable to see the driver. 

So far, no one has reported seeing the Marine, but his parents refuse to give up hope that their son will be found safe.

“Every eye matters. Every person matters. Every flyer matters, every Facebook share,” Job’s mother said. “I believe that we will find him safe.”

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