Judge Loretta Preska ordered documents to be unsealed in the trial against aristocrat Ghislaine Maxwell for sex trafficking conspiracy and perjury, among other charges.

Maxwell was also charged with defamation by one of the victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, since 2016. Giuffre’s lawyers demanded disclosure of “funding received from the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation,” according to the July 1 Daily Mail. 

These institutions were founded by former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Giuffre claims that Maxwell recruited her when she was 16 and took her to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to be repeatedly raped and abused, including by Prince Andrew of the British royal family, something he denies.

Former President Clinton was closely related to the promoter of this circle of child abusers and traffickers, Epstein, involving many important world personalities.

After Clinton denied these links, it was discovered that he had traveled at least 27 times to the private island of billionaire Epstein, located in the Caribbean Sea, where apparently all kinds of violations were committed with minors. 

On the other hand, some photos show that Clinton hosted Epstein and Maxwell as guests of honor at the White House in 1993, the beginning of his two consecutive terms in office.

It seems that the reason for the invitation was an alleged donation of money made by the multimillionaire Epstein to pay for renovations of the Oval Office, according to the New York Post of April 25.

In addition, Clinton would have visited Epstein in some of his mansions located in Florida and New York, including in one of them where he appears in a painting wearing a compromising woman’s suit.

   Enlargement of the painting of former President Bill Clinton, taken from @j_arthur_bloom’s tweet.

Sadly, this lengthy investigative process leaves a trail of blood as it claims the life of pedophile Epstein, who appears to have ‘committed suicide’ in his jail cell while awaiting trial amid suspicious and irregular circumstances. 

For some people this tragic path could risk the very life of surviving witness and accomplice, Maxwell, so says Twitter user @chimrychels.

“Judge says that unsealing more information shouldn’t affect a fair trial. It may affect Ghislaine’s lifespan, though.”

Likewise, the netizen identified as @lastpatriotsusa agrees in one of his messages with the previous commenter, suggesting that the daring judge who dared to reveal the contents of the sizzling documents could also ‘commit suicide.’

“I wonder: how long will it be before this judge commits suicide?” he wrote. 

Another suspicious ‘suicide’ occurred with celebrity chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain, who died in June 2018. 

Bourdain had strongly criticized former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in sexual abuse cases. 

About the Clintons he mentioned how they handled the issue of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky and other allegations of sexual misconduct.

Bill Clinton is “A piece of [expletive]. Entitled, rapey, gropey, grabby, disgusting, and the way that he—and she—destroyed these women and the way that everyone went along, and, and are blind to this!” Bourdain said.

One of the three women who accused Bill Clinton, Juanita Broaddrick, 

“Evil and criminal abuse of power have exuded from Hillary Clinton and her Rapist husband for decades.  If they go down (and Hillary has warned) there will be a “domino effect” like  no other in our history,” Breaddrick wrote on Twitter on July 5.

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