A senior citizen allegedly waved his firearm at anti-police protesters who interrupted his meal during the Kentucky Derby.

An unidentified elderly man refused to let Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters prevent him from enjoying a gastronomical experience at the La Chasse European restaurant on Bardstown Road, 3 miles southeast of downtown Louisville.

A video that since went viral on social media appears to show the patron guarding the entrance to the establishment, and calmly warning BLM activists not to enter the premises.

However, protesters refuse to disperse and repeatedly move in the direction of the patron, yelling “Do not shoot” and “No.” The senior citizen can be seen standing his ground and calmly asking the group not to enter the restaurant.

When Louisville Metro Police Department officers arrived, they ordered activists to step away from the man brandishing a gun.

Multiple protesters were also armed according to both the restaurant and police department.

“During the encounter both patrons and protesters brandished firearms,” police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said according to the New York Post.

“Multiple armed protesters entered the restaurant property, which included outdoor dining space,” a restaurant employee added according to Fox News.

The group had used the citywide ‘Run for the Roses’ event to gather in the Churchill Downs area. They claimed to be seeking justice for Louisvillian Breonna Taylor who died during a March 2020 police drug raid.

Federal prosecutors have already responded to Taylor’s death by launching a broad constitutional rights investigation into the Louisville Metro Police Department.

BLM supporters carried signs displaying, “We have not forgotten Breonna,” “No justice, no peace,” and “No justice, no derby.”

BLM Louisville, Black Market KY, Color of Change, and UltraViolet commissioned a plane to tow a banner over the neighborhood. The banner said, “Protect Black women. Divest from police,” according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Louisville Metro Police Department live-streamed a video of the incident on Facebook, showing protesters shouting profanities at officers.

The group can also be seen surrounding officers while they arrest one woman for allegedly refusing to stand up and leave the scene. The senior citizen carrying the gun and three more people were arrested at the scene.

One of the five suspects has been charged for possessing a handgun by a convicted felon, and first-degree wanton endangerment of an officer. Officers arrested the suspect after allegedly noticing open alcohol containers and a loaded handgun on the front seat of his vehicle, according to Fox News.

Carrying firearms is legal in Kentucky according to the National Rifle Association.

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