The president’s chief medical advisor said that a contagious disease variant is likely to hit its highest point within weeks.

Anthony Fauci is as “confident as you can be” the Omicron coronavirus (Chinese Communist Party or CCP virus) will plateau in most parts of the United States during mid-February 2022.

“Things are looking good,” he said in a video shared on YouTube. “We do not want to get overconfident but they look like they are going in the right direction right now.”

Fauci claims there are early signs of this happening in northeastern New England, the upper Midwestern states, the United Kingdom, Israel, and South Africa.

“They peaked and started to come down rather sharply,” he said, adding, “If the pattern follows the trend we are seeing in other places … I believe you will start to see a turnaround throughout the entire country.”

However, some states with low immunization rates will initially experience a surge in cases before the number of infections subsides.

“There are still some states in the south and west that continue to go up,” Fauci said. “You never want to be overconfident when you are dealing with this virus because it has certainly surprised us in the past.”

Dr. Fauci predicts the number of people carrying the virus will eventually drop to much more manageable levels.

“Throughout the entire country will get to below that area I would call control,” he said. “It gets down to such a low level that it is essentially integrated into the general respiratory infections that we have learned to live with … [and] it does not disrupt us in the sense of getting back to a degree of normality—that is the best-case scenario.”

However, he did not rule out the possibility of recommending a second booster shot for every American.

“We may need to boost again but before we make that decision, we want to determine what the durability is,” he said.

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