Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang responded to threats from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who claim the U.S. will not defend the island, as happened with  Afghanistan. However, the Premier warns the CCP, “don’t be deluded.”

Tseng-Chang, maintains that Taiwan people will defend their nation to the last consequence, and there will not be the flight seen in Afghanistan in the face of the insurrection of the extreme Islamic Taliban, according to Japan Times of Aug. 17. 

“Today, there are powerful countries that want to swallow up Taiwan using force, and likewise we are also not afraid of being killed or imprisoned,” Tseng-Chang said.

“We must guard this country and this land, and not be like certain people who always talk up the enemy’s prestige and talk down our resolve.”

Referring to the disaster occurring in Afghanistan, Tseng-Chang emphasized that as long as a country is mired in chaos, there will be no help from abroad that can sustain it. 

He also gave examples of the cohesion of his country’s people, one of them being handling the COVID-19 pandemic or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, which has had minimal impact and minimal losses in Taiwan. 

“We also tell foreign forces who want to invade and grab Taiwan—don’t be deluded,” Tseng-Chan said.

Taiwan responded decisively to the pronouncements of the Global Times, a mouthpiece of the CCP, which assumed that the United States would behave just as it did before the Taliban attack on Afghanistan.  

“The US troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan has led to the rapid demise of the Kabul government,” the Chinese media outlet reportedly said according to the alternative media outlet TheScoop. 

It added: “Is this some kind of omen of Taiwan’s future fate?”

Moreover, it tried to intimidate the U.S., “and this will make Washington pay a huge price instead of gaining benefits.”

For decades the CCP has been contemplating an invasion of Taiwan, an independent and self-governing democratic nation, claiming it belongs to the CCP. 

Nevertheless, the Taiwanese government is doing its utmost to arm itself heavily to repel any possible attack. It knows its aggressive neighbors well and knows it cannot afford to be careless.

The United States has been emphatic in demonstrating its alliance with Taiwan, as have many other countries, including its neighbors Japan, Australia, and India, which have also suffered from CCP aggression. 

In addition to Taiwan being a major U.S. trade ally, the U.S. market relies heavily on the chip production from the island, as a former advisor to former President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, emphasizes

“The major message with all of the disasters is Silicon Valley West. And if you think we don’t have a moral obligation for Taiwan leave that aside for a minute. The practical considerations. Silicon Valley West, the entire American economy centers around the chips, and in particular the advanced chips designed, made, and manufactured in Taiwan. It is something we have to hold. If we don’t hold it we don’t have an economy. The economy will implode.”

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