A small act of kindness can make someone else’s entire day.

On Saturday, Aug. 3, Blackjewel miners and their families lined up at Shoe Show in Harlan County, Kentucky, after a man donated $10,000 for new backpacks and shoes for the children.

To runner Joyce Cheng, a Harlan business owner in Kentucky, it was the first time he actually ran for someone. After showing his efforts to help the families of Blackjewel miners on the back-to-school day, he received feedback from Terry Jones of Irvine, Kentucky, which said he wanted to help.

The donations were enough to give 250 coal miners $60, for each of their children to spend at Shoe Show.

Blackjewel miner, Michael Cloud, shared that the donations helped to ease one of his burdens while waiting to get his paychecks.  

“It makes us feel a lot better and stuff like that when you know, one less weight off our back and stuff. You know, at least we know we can get school clothes, shoes, stuff like that. I mean, you know, that really helps,” he said.

A separate donation was given from an anonymous donor for the first 100 children to get one outfit as well.

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