Former U.S. President Donald Trump attended his first rally since leaving the White House on Saturday, June 26 in Ohio, to back congressional candidate Max Miller, telling the massive crowd of his supporters to vote for the “America First” Republicans.

Fulfilling his promise to help the Republican party take back the chamber in 2022 congressional elections, the former President attended the rally held to back former White House aide Max Miller against Republican Representative Anthony Gonzalez for his congressional seat.

“We’re going to elect an amazing slate of America First Republicans next year,” Trump said, according to Breitbart.

Trump did not hold back in citing the “catastrophe” that ensued through the new administration’s policies. He noted the importance of “winning a victory in midterms and in 2024” to save America. 

“Crime is surging, murders are soaring, police departments are being gutted, illegal aliens are overrunning their borders, nobody has ever seen anything like it,” he said. “… Gas prices are spiking, inflation is skyrocketing, and China, Russia, and Iran are humiliating our country.”

“The number one priority for everyone who wants to save America is to put every ounce of energy into winning a victory in midterms and in 2024,” he then stressed.

Backing Max Miller to take over the congressional seat, Trump urged his supporters to vote for Republicans who truly put “America First” instead of a “grandstanding RINO [Republicans in Name Only] Gonzales.”

Gonzalez was among the 10 GOP members who voted to impeach Trump for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, which was recently rumored to have been orchestrated by the FBI. 

“Every single Republican needs to vote him out of office,” Trump said of Gonzales, viewing that he was inappropriate to represent the Republican party, comparing him to Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.).

Liz Cheney was ousted this May from her top position Republican House Conference Chair. The Republicans wanted to gather unity in preparation for challenging the Democratic parties and their policies. 

Cheney, who was one of the 10 Republicans that voted to impeach Trump, had been vehement with her antagonism towards him, promising that she would vote to impeach the former president “every day of the week.”

Chastising many of the policies endorsed by the Democrats and reminding his supporters of the rigged election in 2020, Trump said Republicans needed to achieve a majority in Congress.

“With the help of everyone here tonight and patriots across the country, we will do all that we are supposed to be doing and much more when we win giant republican majorities next year,” he said. 

In a Tweet about the Saturday rally in Ohio, former Trump spokesman Jason Miller (R-Wash.) reviewed there were at least 25,000 supporters at that event.

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