DMX was suffering an overdose at his residence on Friday, April 2, at roughly 11 p.m., which reportedly led to his having a heart attack. The hip-hop icon has been admitted to a hospital in White Plains, New York, and at present remains on life support.

The 50-year-old rapper was placed on a ventilator, according to attorney Murray Richman. Richman told Page Six that the rapper was off life support around 3 p.m. Saturday but later that night said that DMX was still dependent on it.

“It does not look good,” he told Page Six.

DMX reportedly has been trying to rehab multiple times for years. He called off several live shows and checked into treatment for drug abuse in 2019. This was after he finished doing time for tax evasion charges

The rapper opened up on details of his struggle on the podcast People’s Party With Talib Kweli, released on Sept. 9, 2020, on which he reviewed the story of how his addiction started as a teenager.

In the podcast, DMX disclosed that he got entwined into the drug labyrinth by his mentor, whom he called Ready Ron, when he was as young as 14. He was given a blunt (marijuana cigarette) but did not know that Ron laced it with crack when sharing money from a robbery the duo committed. 

“Why would you do that to a child? He knew I looked up to him. Why would you do that to somebody who looks up to you? A monster was born. I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy. Especially to someone that you supposedly love.” DMX hurtfully shared. 

The rapper is recognized worldwide for his biggest hit, “X Gon’ Give It to Ya.” He topped the Billboard 200 in the United States with his debut album “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot,” produced in 1998, which has sold up to 5 million copies. He also appeared in movies including the 1998 “Belly,” in 2000, “Romeo Must Die,” and in 2003 “Cradle 2 the Grave.” 

Since his hospitalization reached the news, several celebrities and his colleagues have shared their prayers for him on social media, Pagesix reported, including rappers Ja Rule, hip-hop duo The Ying Yang Twins, Missy Elliott, Rick Ross, and Big Freedia.

Additionally, prayers are also expressed by celebrities who are outside of the hip-hop industry. Condolences have been shared by Academy Award winner Viola Davis, actress Gabrielle Union, comedian Loni Love, reality TV star DJ Pauly D, and NFL football wide receiver Julian Edelman. 

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