The National Basketball Association (NBA) remains powerless in the face of an acute crisis as its viewership through the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) has plummeted.

The disastrous report revealed a recent 45% loss since the 2011-12 season, while at TNT, the impact was 40%, and with ESPN 20%, according to Breitbart’s April 18 review. 

So critical is the loss of favorability among its fanatical followers that its viewership is now surpassed even by the AEW, the distant No. 2 brand in pro wrestling, when historically basketball earned more than any regular TV series, Hoopshype reports

Worse, this trend toward the abyss is not new: “The last two NBA Finals have fallen back-to-back, with last year’s dropping 51% to an all-time low for championships,” writes Warner author Todd Huston. 

He adds, “The worst was the final game, off nearly 70% year-over-year.”

The numbers bear out these percentages with an average of just 2.83 million, according to The Athletic. 

Compared to other shows such as NBC’s crime drama The Blacklist, which averages 3.3 million viewers, and one of ABC’s biggest shows, the medical drama The Good Doctor, is attended by just over four million interested viewers per week.

In its desperation, the NBA in January resorted to deception, announcing that its viewership had increased by 34% by manipulating figures from previous seasons.  

“It’s obvious B.S., but ratings data can appear arcane to many, so disingenuous positive spin travels far,” commented author Ethan Strauss. 

He added, “This dynamic is, frankly, one of the reasons why I keep coming back to the NBA viewership issue, despite the feathers it ruffles: It’s a topic on which the sport and broader media have some trouble telling the truth.”

Figures from a September Harris poll, where 39% of respondents identified as sports fans, said the NBA had become too political, highlighting the NBA’s failure.

Also, 19% said they had stopped playing professional basketball because of the NBA’s deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party. 

Also, in 2020, the NBA unabashedly praised the anti-American agenda of Black Lives Matter.

Despite the public exposure of the facts, the NBA has not spoken out about human rights violations in China, even as it pursues a national social justice agenda accompanying the leftist policies of groups like Black Lives Matter.

It is no accident that the NBA has become so committed to Black Lives Matter and its extreme leftist claims that they happen to be so connected to the underlying ideology of Chinese communism. Simultaneously, it had cracked down on those who criticized the CCP, as when former Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey faced a harsh reaction from his peers in 2019 for supporting Hong Kong human rights activists. 

Their overt displays of leftism spelled disaster for the NBA and appear to have alarmed NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who said he would eliminate displays of support for Black Lives Matter (BLM).

“My sense is there’ll be somewhat a return to normalcy, that those messages will largely be left to be delivered off the floor. And, I understand those people who are saying, ‘I’m on your side, but I want to watch a basketball game,” Silver said in October.

However, catastrophic audience attendance points out that the move came too late.

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