Fulton County, Georgia, cast a total of 900 military votes. Even though the military tends to have a conservative profile and therefore is inclined to elect Republican candidates, the total votes went to Democratic candidate Joe Biden. More than a curiosity, it arouses a new and great suspicion. 

The fraud is becoming increasingly evident. It is not known whether actions such as these are because the promoters of fraud consider that they have such impunity that they can take control of the election without being judged, or whether it is clumsiness in their actions, according to The Gateway Pundit.

The state of Georgia, in particular, is one of the states reported under suspicion of systematic corruption and fraud during the last presidential elections. On the night of the vote count, election officials suspended the counts until the next day, citing a water leak in a master pipe at one of the main counting centers.

The water leak turned out to be a small leak in a toilet, which did not even require a work order for the service staff. According to reports, when the Republican observers left, thousands of votes were cast exclusively for Joe Biden. 

In the 2016 election, President Trump won the military vote with 60 percent over the Democratic candidate. This year, even the bogus polls that favored Joe Biden throughout the process claimed that Trump would have a 52 percent military vote advantage over Biden at 42 percent.

Now, suppose we trust the announced results. In that case, we should believe that despite the military’s historic favoritism by the Republicans, the 900 military votes received in Fulton County went to Joe Biden, 100 percent of the vote. Is this possible? Did not a single military member vote for President Trump?

The strange event was reported and requires at least a process of investigation to explain what happened. 

For the moment, Trump’s firm attorney Lin Wood made an open call to Georgia’s military asking to be contacted by anyone issued an absentee ballot.

“Good afternoon. Busy day! I need some help from GA Patriots. I need identity of any GA voter who cast a MILITARY ABSENTEE BALLOT. If you cast such a ballot or know someone who did, please email me at [email protected] We The People will take action to secure our votes.”

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