A recently posted video shows a Detroit police officer punching and knocking a man out amid a brawl in the city. 

In the early morning hours, the unidentified Detroit officer was part of a group of six officers heading toward a man standing in the center of the roadway. First released on Reddit, the video shows him getting hit with a right cross on Sunday, Aug. 1, New York Post reported.

“You ain’t got to do that, dog!” someone shouted.

“‘Black Lives Matter’ and you gonna go do that, tho?” someone in the angry crowd shouted at the officer, while someone else called the officer a “ho” and “the black n—a who hit him.”

Police then attempt to raise him up, and the man ultimately awakens.

Other video obtained by Fox 2 showed the man getting knocked aside by another officer before being punched in the face during a large altercation in the neighborhood.

“It appears in this video—the cops attempted to break up a fight—and this guy was trying to get involved,” Detroit Police Second Deputy Chief Rudy Harper said of the early Sunday morning incident. “He may have been trying to escalate it and may have even assaulted a cop.”

Harper described the punch as “egregious,” and the event is currently being investigated. In addition, the officer in the video has not been publicly identified, and he has been confined to desk work.

According to Harper, the man who was punched may face charges as a result of the investigation.

“I have some serious concerns as to how that was handled. We’ve come to expect our officers to deescalate situations. I did not see de-escalation there, I didn’t see our training there,” Interim Detroit Police Chief James White said. “If there is a violation, we are going to hold the officers accountable and we are going to be transparent about it to the community.”

“The officer does deserve due process. We have to take some time and look at everything,” added White.

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