In recent years, the progressive agenda has attempted to forcefully change the social foundations that have accompanied humanity for most of history. The links of what appears to be a new line of thought with communism are becoming more and more evident, and even the manner of trying to impose it on society is the same as those used by the Soviet regime, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and the Chinese communist regime.

The family is one of the main targets in this ideological war, being the fundamental pillar in any society. Marx’s communism considers the family as a form of private property that must be abolished. And to disintegrate it, nothing better than to destroy it from within.

The dream of every totalitarian system is to take over children, to take them away from parental influence to indoctrinate them at will, and transform them into loyal followers of the State.

The CCP begins from the earliest age to teach “love” for the Party above all else, even ahead of their family, using a false syncretism between Party-country to foster nationalist sentiment. Brainwashing is also applied when it comes to defending the interests of the CCP. In the campaign against religions and beliefs to impose atheism, school teachers incite children to denounce their parents if they are practitioners of any faith.

In the United States, the same pattern is repeated. Since the January 6 protest on Capitol Hill, which rallied Trump supporters after discovering serious irregularities in the vote count, political differences degenerated into a government witch hunt. The FBI began encouraging people to spy on those close to them for signs of “extremism” One of the protesters was reported by his son for attending the protest and for his political views.

In American schools, the progressive agenda, with gender ideology and critical race theory, is imposed without giving room for other opinions, let alone their rejection, so several teachers were sanctioned or fired for demonstrating against these ideas. The same happens with students, who can even be legally denounced for not addressing someone according to how they perceive themselves sexually or for simply saying that women have a “vagina.”

Many parents are angry at how their children are exposed to the normalization of pornography, homosexuality, transgenderism, and racial Marxism.

But their concerns are dismissed by teachers and officials alike, labeling them as ignorant, white supremacists, far-right, or worse, domestic terrorists, as the National School Board Association announced in writing. A tactic well known to the communists is that of demonizing and demeaning anyone who poses a threat to the one way of thinking. This attitude also shows how the decision-making power of parents is being undermined and increasingly passed into the hands of the State.

Meanwhile, in Xinjiang, the Chinese regime seizes children whose parents are in “re-education” camps to be cleansed of all traces of Uyghur culture and transform them into a “new socialist man,” as researcher Dr. Adrien Zenz puts it:

“Government propaganda extols the virtues of boarding schools because they help maintain stability and social peace, as the school takes the place of the parents.” 

“Boarding schools provide the ideal context for sustained cultural reengineering of minority societies.” 

Sexuality as a tool of social destruction

Several communist thinkers pushed sexual liberation as a means of family destruction. Friedrich Engels hoped to see the generalization of “unrestricted sexual relations,” while the French philosopher Charles Fourier advised wild drunken orgies to liberate the inner passions of the human being. In the best “progressive inclusive” style, he thought that sexual gratification should be guaranteed, even to the elderly and ungraceful, and that incest, zoophilia, or sadomasochism should be allowed with consent.

The imposition of gender ideology and LGBT in schools, the hyper-sexualization of children, and the attempts to normalize pedophilia are the updated reflection of ideas born within the ranks of communism.

Drag shows with explicit sexual innuendoes are displayed in front of pupils, as happened at Hempfield School in Lancaster. 

Teachers encourage children as young as five to decide their gender according to their feelings, ignoring their biological condition. In Spreckels, a 12-year-old girl was instructed by her teachers to change her sex and name, hiding it from her family.

Parents find themselves increasingly powerless with an entire system supporting these policies. In Canada, a man was arrested for questioning his daughter’s gender transition, calling her “she” instead of “he” in public. The father argues that transgenderism is a created illusion and asks what will happen when the illusion is shattered.

Gender dysphoria represents only 0.6% of the adult population. However, the Maine Department of Education reported that between 13% and 18% of students in public high schools declare themselves “lesbian, gay, bisexual, or unsure” of their sexual identity. Indoctrination is working.

Separating women from men

The idea of emancipating women from motherhood and freeing them from the bonds of the family home are communist concepts widely disseminated today. Divorce, equality between men and women, abortion, the attempt to demonstrate that any responsibility or activity within society can be performed equally by women and men, without even considering the inherent biological characteristics of each gender, let alone the cultural and social ones that have kept humanity functioning for millennia. All this gave rise to the birth of feminism, which, although it began by advocating for her rights as a person, ended up mutating into a war against men, the traditional family, and religions. Leftist politicians, driven by the feminist wave, fight to rewrite the Constitution and add abortion as a “human right,” while the UN openly manifests the same desire. 

The Chinese communist regime went even further, forcing abortion on millions of women. With its one-child birth control policy, 13 million unborn children died annually, breaking the natural balance and making Chinese society guilty of a horrendous crime against humanity.

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