During the ‘Collation for Faith and Freedom’ conference held June 17–19, Florida State Governor Ron DeSantis gave a speech expressing his strong will to fight the agenda of the left, especially Big Tech, which he called “an arm of the ruling elite.”

“It ain’t going to be easy,” he warned. “You got to be strong. You got to put on the full armor of God. You got to take a stand, take a stand against the left’s schemes, you got to stand your ground, you got to be firm, you will face flaming arrows, but take up the shield of faith and fight on,” DeSantis said, and applause exploded.

In his speech of more than half an hour, the Republican spoke of all the decisions he made to oppose the leftist agenda. Among them, a law prohibiting biological men from competing against women, reforms to the electoral system to prevent fraud, and among the most notable measures is the prohibition of vote harvesting.

DeSantis said that the woke culture (wokeism) is a “malignant form of leftism” sweeping through institutions, big media, universities and gives the example of what happened in Atlanta.

After the irregularities that occurred in the Nov. 2020 elections, the governor of Georgia passed an election reform law—which basically requires voters to show their identity when voting—and mainstream media, along with Hollywood celebrities, initiated a boycott. As a result, Major League Baseball (MLB) moved its headquarters to another state (which also requires voters to identify themselves).

The governor primarily blamed Big Tech as one of the significant forces subjecting people to a narrative that is not necessarily the truth.

“One of the institutions that is most responsible for elevating woke ideology, and for attacking people that share our values, is Big Tech, and their censorship and de-platforming,” DeSantis said.

“As conservatives we have to promote public policies that elevate the freedom of the individual over the freedom of the corporation … and that’s what this fight is all about,” he added.

Freedom vs. Fauci-ism

Florida was the first state not to shut down the economy completely, eliminate the obligation to wear masks and resist all the measures recommended to mitigate the effect of the pandemic.

But despite the intense criticism, the state did not have high contagions while open, while states like New York that remained with strict restrictions had more contagions than Florida.

“I can tell you if Florida had not done what we did [with the pandemic], many other states would not have followed, and we could still be in lockdown in this country right now,” DeSantis said. “So ultimately, Florida chose freedom over Fauci-ism, and we are better off for it.”

The governor also explained that when the vaccines came to the state, the ‘experts’ recommendations were to do an ‘equal’ distribution, and to them, the young were more ‘diverse’ than the old. In other words, leaving aside any medical logic, they went so far as to propose vaccinating the young as a priority.

DeSantis had to differentiate himself from the CDC’s recommendations and destined the first vaccines to the elderly.

The Republican also pronounced himself as a fierce defender of the police. He also approved laws that prohibited the defunding of the police forces and emphasized that his state will impose harsh penalties on those who, with the excuse of demonstrating, vandalize and loot stores.

He said they would go to jail and stay in jail, a radically different approach from what is seen in Democratic states that have adopted ‘soft hand’ with criminals, such as the recent case of New York City.

Trump-DeSantis for 2024

Some polls placed Ron DeSantis with a better chance of winning the GOP nomination than Trump, but others with slightly fewer points than the former president.

DeSantis’s character and charisma appeal to the same voter base as Trump, so some have begun to speculate on a Trump-DeSantis ticket with the Floridian as vice president.

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