Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), in a news conference in Jacksonville on Thursday, Nov. 4, said he would stop secret flights sponsored by the Biden administration that transport illegal migrants into his state.

The move was not simply a political rebuke, as DeSantis said he was urged to take immediate action after a Florida citizen was murdered by an illegal migrant released into the U.S. and identified as an unaccompanied minor. 

“There was an individual who had posed as a 17-year-old, actually was in the mid 20s, brought here, had been here, ended up committing a murder,” the governor said, according to the Daily Wire.

“And so now this individual has been detained, should have never been in this country to begin with, and definitely should not have been dumped in the state of Florida,” he added.

Since September, at least 70 flights by night had silently dispersed an average of around 36 illegal migrants per flight into Florida, the Washington Examiner reported Saturday from DeSantis’ office. The trips are sponsored by the Biden administration.

DeSantis said he would work with the state legislature to impede the covert operations and hold the Democrat administration accountable for the danger posed to local citizens for their lax migrant procedures.

“We have, of course, have a pending lawsuit against the Biden administration challenging their catch and release policies,” DeSantis said. “But this is what happens when you engage in reckless policies.”

According to News4Jax, last month, a 24-year-old illegal migrant was arrested covered in blood after stabbing to death a Florida man who he said was his uncle. 

The Honduras migrant had only been in the state for two months before committing the murder. Moreover, it had not been verified if he was in Florida thanks to Biden’s flights. 

“This horrific crime is the latest example of how unfettered illegal migration costs Floridians’ lives,” DeSantis told the news agency. “If not for the Biden Administration’s unlawful ‘catch and release’ policy, [victim] Francisco Cuellar would still be alive today.”

The Biden administration had refused to address Florida’s multiple requests for clarification about the secret night flights.

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