By firmly declaring that such approaches as the Critical Race Theory don’t merit a penny from Floridian taxpayers, Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke to reporters on Wednesday, March 17, about his state’s efforts to bring all children back into school. 

The governor condemned the Critical Race Theory for teaching children to fear their country and one another, which is not worthy of even one red cent of taxpayer money. He further confirmed that the investment would be spent on “an accurate and true curriculum.”

DeSantis unveiled a $106 million initiative on Wednesday to promote civics literacy and civics education in public schools, stating that Florida’s civics program needs to be depoliticized.

Some experts claim that the Critical Race Theory is not propaganda, but rather a toolbox for analyzing and resolving racism and other types of marginalization since it presupposes that racism is rooted in American culture and institutions.

However, DeSantis argued at a press conference in Naples that this movement is making schools indoctrination centers where the government can attempt to coerce specified ideologies on its citizens.

Watch his proposal here:

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