A 17-year-old woman in Virginia went to her ultrasound appointment hoping to learn the sex of her unborn baby, but was shocked when the technician caught her daughter apparently looking back at her as a “demon.”

Iyanna Carrington, of Richmond, shared her daughter’s funny pictures on Facebook, saying “most babies hide from the camera.”

“She was looking normal then we found out she was a girl they put it back on her face then her a– opened her eyes and smiled,” Carrington wrote.

“I love this devil baby so much already,” she wrote in order to complete the post, which rapidly became viral.

Pictures of Carrington’s daughter, whom she intends to name Autumn, were shared more than 16,000 times as of Thursday. Carrington told that the technician assured her and the child’s father, Raleek, that the photo was normal despite the spooky appearance.

“I said ‘she looks like a ghost’ in the doctor’s office and the doctor said, ‘yeah that’s very normal,’” Carrington said. “She looked a bit crazy.”

She said that while some people even doubted that the photo was real, but that she can tell from the other photos, including the one above, that her daughter is “beautiful.” (Facebook/Iyanna Alston)

And the doubters came with the popularity of Carrington’s post.

“I don’t know why she looked like that,” she said. “Some people from the internet thought she was fake, but that’s my real-life baby there. The dad was there too. He was shocked by the news that she was a girl because he has two sons and he thought it was going to be another boy. We were just laughing at the scan.”

Carrington said she could say her daughter is “beautiful” by the other pictures.

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