The clemency with which U.S. President Donald Trump granted a pardon to Roger Stone generated a wave of demands from the Democrats, demonstrating a double standard with respect to the pardons granted by former Democratic Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

President Trump pardoned Roger Stone’s 40-month sentence for nonviolent obstruction of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the false collusion with Russia, which the Democrats unsuccessfully pushed to remove President Trump from office.

Mueller alleged that Stone made false statements about his discussions with associates and Trump’s campaign officials regarding WikiLeaks. 

Faced with Democrats’ claims of leniency for Trump, Andrew C. McCarthy, a senior fellow at the U.S. National Review Institute and contributing editor of the political journal National Review, found the double standard applied by the Democrats in this case overwhelming. 

Thus McCarthy mentions that former President Bill Clinton pardoned his own brother for a serious cocaine distribution offense. He also forgave a key witness in the Whitewater real estate scandal for which he and his wife Hillary Clinton were under investigation.

And 14 other people involved in various other controversial trials, in addition to commuting the sentences of convicted terrorists who had not even requested it.

As for Obama, he pardoned Private Chelsea Manning after seven years of a 35-year sentence because she leaked top-secret information to WikiLeaks, as well as his former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who had been convicted of making false statements about a classified information delivery to The New York Times.

In addition, he cut hundreds of sentences through an executive initiative strongly opposed by his Justice Department inspector general.

Obama exempted his CIA director for spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee and disregarded the abuses of power and obstruction that accompanied the scandal involving the Internal Revenue Service.

“The same people clutching their pearls and screaming about Stone’s commutation, I didn’t hear them complaining when Oscar Rivera was pardoned by President Obama. He was even too much of a terrorist for Clinton to forgive him,” Harmeet Dhillon of the Center for American Freedom told “Fox & Friends.”

 Lopez Rivera was sentenced in 1981 by a Chicago Court to 55 years in prison for seditious conspiracy, armed robbery, interstate transportation of firearms, and conspiracy to transport explosives with the intent to destroy government property.

In the face of Clinton and Obama’s pardons, Trump’s pardon of Stone is unparalleled, especially considering that Stone’s trial on other charges is not over, nor has Trump pardoned him.

Stone’s pardon comes when Democrats use the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus infections as a cause to free thousands of prisoners. This same argument could have been applied to Stone. 

And the case of 8,000 prisoners that were released by the governor of California, Democrat Gavin Newsom, will follow from now until the end of August, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

These are in addition to the release of 4,276 prisoners that Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva allowed, trying to prevent infection by the CCP Virus, on April 14.

They join the 880 inmates convicted of second-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, child sex crimes, third-degree assault, promoting the sexual performance of a child, threats of terrorism, and more who were released from New York’s prison system in early January, Breitbart News reported.

From McCarthy’s perspective, the Democrats’ protests of Stone’s pardon are all political positioning for the upcoming Nov. 3 presidential election.