Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney of President Donald Trump, said, “The Democrats are destroying our rights,” in one of his speeches on Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense program. 

He also spoke about election fraud and the company Smartmatic, which was involved in the scam. He mentioned that the president was Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, a partner and No. 2 person in the largest organization run by international speculator George Soros.

Giuliani then established certain “coincidences” present in Soros’s activities, such as being the largest sponsor of the Democratic Party and the radical leftist movements Black Lives Matter (BLM) and antifa. 

These groups led the violent riots that have caused death and destruction in many cities across the country since May, following the death of African American George Floyd. 

Twitter user @SeanCordanon posted this segment of Giuliani’s speech in a Nov. 24 message with a very suggestive title.

“We have a special place chosen for GS [George Soros]. Really special.”

Following this threat, Giuliani considered the situation “extremely dangerous for the survival of our democracy.”

“The Democrats in the last four years have destroyed our Constitution so badly, and because the press covers what they do, they are destroying our rights,” Giuliani said.

Likewise, he said that it is necessary to continue defending oneself despite the intimidation because it is a matter of survival. 

“These people are trying to take away our God-given rights,” he added. 

“We will not let them do it, we will fight, and we will fight again, and we will continue to fight because we have the ultimate faith that a much higher authority is looking at this country,” he emphasized. 

Giuliani and other leading lawyers on the Trump campaign’s legal team, such as Jenna Ellis, face the defense of electoral transparency in the country, but not without threats and intimidation.

Ellis denounced those threats in one of her tweets today, Nov. 25. 

“I continue to receive a barrage of threats and false accusations from Democratic activists and ‘reporters,'” she wrote. 

“My only comment is this: Do your worst. I am not intimidated. I will not back down. My mission is the Truth, my God is the Lord Jesus Christ, and my client is the President of the United States,” Ellis bravely declared. 

Trump campaign lawyers are presenting several public hearings today where they will present evidence of the unprecedented election fraud that is shaking the nation. 

“It is in everyone’s interest to have a full investigation into the irregularities and election fraud,” Giuliani said, according to Fox News on Nov. 24.

“And the only way to do that is with public hearings, with witnesses, videos, photos, and other evidence of the illegality of the Nov. 3 elections,” he emphasized.

The hearings will take place in the Pennsylvania Senate and the Arizona and Michigan legislatures.

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