A Democratic super PAC planned to spend $5 million on digital advertising to attack President Donald Trump over his handling of the coronavirus (CCP Virus) outbreak, according to a report published Tuesday, March 17.

““This is a public health issue and a national security issue, but it’s also a public policy issue and thus a political one,” said Tara McGowan, the founder and chief executive of Acronym, whose board includes veteran Democratic operatives like David Plouffe, who managed Barack Obama’s 2008 bid,” wrote The Washington Post.

“McGowan said it was critical for outside groups like hers to exact a political price on Trump as his possible Democratic opponents, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), aim to project leadership by staying above the fray,” it added.

Both Democratic presidential candidates have been critical of President Trump’s early CCP Virus (Chinese Communist Party) response, opposing the president’s travel bans from China and Europe.

Meanwhile, several Democrats took a different approach as the country is battling the deadly CCP Virus, which has spread all over 50 states and caused at least 100 deaths.

Former Democratic presidential candidate and entrepreneur Andrew Yang on Tuesday praised the White House’s efforts to offer Americans financial relief in response to the CCP virus pandemic as it considered a temporary emergency version of his signature campaign idea that would provide every American household with $1,000 a month for unseen financial hardships.

“I’m pleased to see the White House adopt our vision of putting money directly into the hands of hardworking Americans,” Yang said, adding, “Both me and my team are eager to offer our support to ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday also praised President Trump’s dealing with the crisis, saying, “His team has been on it.”

“New Yorkers will do everything they can to be good partners with the federal government,” Cuomo said. “I think the president was 100% sincere in saying he wanted to work together in partnership, in a spirit of cooperation.”

“I know a team when they’re on it. I know a team when they’re not on it. His team is on it,” he added. “They have been responsive late at night, early in the morning. And thus far, they have been doing everything that they can do, and I want to say thank you, and I want to say that I appreciate it.”

New York City on Monday limited restaurants to takeout and deliveries and limited gatherings to 50 people, after closing public schools on Sunday. At least 463 city residents have tested positive for the CCP Virus as of Monday, according to the city’s Health Department.

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