Illegal migrants arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border on the Fourth of July weekend include those with serious criminal histories.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) confirmed patrol agents detained five men in Del Rio, Texas. These detainees allegedly have disturbing criminal records including child molesting and attempted murder.

“While we remain busy with large groups, criminals continue in their attempts to elude detection by crossing in our more remote areas,” Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Austin Skero II said in a statement. “With technology, partnerships and highly trained agents, we have increased our ability to detect and arrest these criminals before they are able to cause further harm in the United States.”

CBP confirmed four of the illegal border crossers are Mexican nationals. Criminal record checks revealed three were convicted of “child molestation, sexual abuse, and aggravated criminal sexual abuse.” The fourth had already been deported from the United States after having been convicted of second-degree attempted murder in California.

A different male was from Guatemala whose criminal record includes sexual assault, sodomy, and kidnapping.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) strongly criticized the adverse impact that President Joe Biden’s so-called “more humane” border policies have had on Americans. Abbott blamed weak border protection for letting aliens with a criminal background into U.S. territory.

Hundreds of refugees illegally cross the border every few months, and the Del Rio Sector alone has seen a 382 percent jump in felony convictions since the 2021 financial year began on Oct. 1. A total of 927 suspected illegal alien individuals have been arrested at the border during the period according to CBP.

The Biden administration refuses to tighten border controls, and instead chooses to prioritize addressing “root causes” of the surge in foreign asylum seekers. The Democratic Party claims violence and so-called climate change in Central America are top causes.

In June, Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) requested extra law enforcement staff and resources to help manage border issues in their respective states. Six states led by GOP members had responded at the time of publication.

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