A military base in Washington, DC, was locked down for several hours on Friday, August 13 before a suspect has been apprehended, and the threat has been cleared, according to authorities.

“LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN,” read a frantic post on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling‘s Facebook page around 12:30 p.m., warning that an armed person had been spotted on the base complex’s south side.

“If you encounter the individual and have a safe route, RUN. If you do not have a safe route to run, HIDE,” the base said. “Barricade your door, turn off the lights and your cell phone ringer, and remain silent. If you are hiding, prepare to FIGHT.”

(Source: Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Facebook/Screenshot via TheBL)

The initial Facebook notice there was one “potential armed individual,” described as a man carrying a Gucci bag. An update told personnel should be on the lookout for “two armed individuals,” one with dreadlocks and ripped blue jeans, and the other with green pants and a white top.

A later update clarified that only one person was being sought. It was said that he had “dreads that are mid-back in length … wearing blue or green pants and a white tank top (possibly with a bag).”

The suspect who caused the lockdown had fled the scene of a shooting on Halley Place SE, a road that links to the base, according to Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department.

Officials later reported in a news release that the suspect got through near the base’s housing section. Someone reported the break-in, and officers on base soon discovered a gun. The suspect did not appear to have any association with the base. He was then apprehended by D.C. police, NBC reported.

After the suspect was detained and was awaiting transfer to police custody, the base sent an update to Facebook just after 3 p.m. announcing the lockdown had been lifted. There were no injuries or guns fired on the base, according to reports.

(Source: Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Facebook/Screenshot via TheBL)

The 905-acre site in southeast Washington is home to Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard units, as well as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Washington field office and the Defense Intelligence Agency’s headquarters.

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